A Dream Becoming Reality…

I have always had the desire to become self employed and although I have had several businesses of my own I have always been a hard working and dedicated employee alongside them; after all this was always the wage that paid the bills at the end of the month.

I have set up and run four businesses so far in my lifetime and although all of them have not been a raging success, nor survived to be five years old or more, I truly believe I have learnt invaluable lessons from each and every one of them.

Since having the desire to become self employed again, I decided to move into an equine related career, which is why I embarked upon the saddler training officially in 2016. I have always known that I would never make my millions becoming a Saddler but it’s all about being happy at work and having control of your own destiny, isn’t it!

I have been happy at most of my employment’s but never had total job satisfaction and as I’ve grown older I have realised that the money is just not the be all and end all of a job. We go to work for a huge chunk of the day, most of us 5-6 days per week and if you don’t enjoy it or get some form of satisfaction from it then you just become a professional robot.

I found my current employment at a time when I needed flexibility, a variety of tasks to challenge me and the opportunity to step up as and when required but over time the company has evolved and its not what it used to be. I’m hoping this will change in time.

So, after digressing slightly, I am writing this post about ‘The Lady Saddler‘. At the moment it is a ‘very small’ home based business undertaking leather repair work or making bespoke items. It was launched in September 2016 and has been growing steadily ever since.

I’m under no illusion that I am going to be making a full time wage any time soon but with everyone’s support and my desire and dedication to make it work I will grow the business enough over the next 12 months in order to treat the family and have our holidays again.

Back in September I approached Josie Gamble at Gamble Designs via a local networking group on social media and told her about my business idea and what I wanted to achieve. I had this idea for a logo, for the business, which I could also use as a stamp for the leather work I produced. It’s been a long yet enjoyable experience working with Josie over these past 4 months; having my initial logo ideas drafted up. I then whittled them down to a couple of favourites, then we tweaked these ideas into a single logo, then finally we agreed on the finished logo and here it is, what do you think? lady-saddler-logo-final-png3The stage is set now and I have something to work on for my business cards and a leather stamp that I will have custom made which will be used on all future items made by my fair hands 🙂 The term ‘excited’ is an understatement.

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