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Hey, how’s it all going? Are you enjoying lockdown? OK, so not EXACTLY enjoying it, but more of ‘making the most of it’ business-wise!

Believe it or not, I have mixed feelings about it all. Not because I’m worried about contracting the virus because I’m not, what will be will be in that scenario. I’m more concerned about what is going to happen to me and my business.

Back in December

Before this pandemic took hold, I was just starting to gather momentum again after closing The Lady Saddler down over the Christmas period.

If you have read the blog from back in December you will remember that I had got myself into a right pickle trying to juggle work, family life, running a business and looking after my horse.

If you didn’t read the blog I suggest you catch up here and you will get yourself up to speed with what happened.

Anyway, something had to give and I spent my time wisely to sort out a solution. I dealt with some family stuff, enjoyed the Christmas festivities and planned my next move with the business.

Ladies Accessories

After deliberating everything I decided to concentrate on ladies leather accessories as that is where my passion currently lies.

Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy making the odd saddlery item once in a while but for the moment I enjoy designing items that people can wear that are equestrian-themed more.

I have keyrings and belts with stirrup embellishments made up but I launched a fourth leather colour on my website in February.

All was going really well with the launch. Interest was picking up; I was on top of blogs and social connecting; the website was starting to look good, sales were coming in slowly and I had started to design a handbag.


Then Covid-19 happened and it feels like the lot has gone flying out of a window.

Events that I was planning to attend or had already secured to attend have now cancelled.

The last straw came when the schools closed and the Government ordered a lockdown.

I’ve since been stuck at home home-schooling my kids, doing a bit of work for the day job and cooking and cleaning more.

Sales have been really slow and since I upped my repair prices that has slowed down too.

My next products in line to be launched was going to be a travel accessory. However, since we aren’t allowed to travel anywhere at the minute I thought it was a bit insensitive to launch such as item.

Fighting A Losing Battle

So now, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle to try and keep my interest in the business and the industry.

When I set off on this journey back in 2015 I had all good intentions on becoming a fully qualified Saddler and eventually gain Master Saddler status.

Now I’ve qualified I feel like imposter syndrome has set in severely. I feel I’m just not worthy of working in the equestrian industry, hence why I swapped my products to ladies accessories.

The problem is I can’t forget the fact that I have spent £1,000’s of pounds on learning this trade. Most of all I’m fearful it’s all going to have been for nothing.

I love creating and making with leather but my ‘get up and go’ seems to have got up and gone.

What is wrong with me?

If you know of a way that might help me, then I would be very grateful for the kick up the arse.

Until next time,

Clair xxx


  • Tony Gregory

    I shared your post earlier re repairs. I know it doesn’t pay that well, but it will pay a bill or two and keep you from climbing up the wall !
    Time to build the gift stocknup too.
    Keep safe,

    • Clair

      Thank you, Tony, the share is very much appreciated. Repairs will never pay a wage but they certainly will go towards a bill that cannot be reduced or deferred during this time of uncertainty. I’m working on new designs for the gift shop, so watch this space. Take care and stay safe x

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