Deaing with Goodbyes

Dealing With Goodbyes

It’s never an easy task to say goodbye to someone or something but my way of dealing with goodbyes is usually to start afresh.

It’s been almost two months since I gave up my boy, Olly.

Unfortunately, this time having to say goodbye to Olly for the second time in my life has spurred me to give up horses indefinitely.

What I mean by that is I will probably never afford or have the time to give to another horse again, and because I’m very passionate about keeping an animal for its lifetime (and not just for Christmas, as the saying goes) I can’t face letting another horse down.

I’ve let Olly down in more ways than one and I truly feel guilty for trying to keep him to myself and not allow him to have found his forever home with the charity he was once with.

However, I do believe that I have found him his forever home. The couple he has gone to live with have kept horses for many years and most of that time on their own property. This is so what I want for Olly.

Selling All I Own

I, on the other hand, are currently sorting through a load of tack, rugs, and accessories that I have accumulated over the years.

I won’t be needing them anymore and I don’t intend on keeping them for sentimental value. Although I have done that with his last shoes which, when I can afford it, I shall get Horseshoe and Hearts to make me the love and luck piece that they make to sell.

Keeping My Boots

I will, however, keep a pair of jodhpurs, my riding boots, and my hat, just in case I fancy a lesson at the local riding stables.

So, if you are looking for anything that will fit a 15hh TB shape then give me a shout.

Until next time,

Clair xxx

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