No Black Friday Sale Here!

Is it just me or is Black Friday and Cyber Monday getting a bit out of hand?

I mean, let’s face it, who on earth wants a one day sale to start two weeks before the actual day and then last till the end of November?

OK, so some of you might like to grab a bargain or two, but I personally think it just encourages the human population to overspend on items they really don’t need!

What is Black Friday?

black-friday-saleSo, I did a Google search on what is Black Friday as I had no idea why we started to have this annual event and surprise, surprise it originates from America.

Apparently, the tradition of Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November and the American’s have this day and usually the next day off.

Many of the shops drop their prices usually for one day only and so America regards this time as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

‘Black Friday’ was given its name due to this being the day that shops ‘moved into the black’, because the sales result in them having enough money to cover their costs whilst still reducing their prices.

Asda was the reason we have this event here in the UK (probably because they are part of the Walmart Group, which is based in the USA), but ironically they stopped participating in the event in 2015, due to customers wrestling over a television in Wembley (UK).

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber-mondayCyber Monday follows Black Friday and continues the bargain-hunting madness. It started in 2005, when the National Retail Federation, an American Trade Association, noticed a spike in online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Why I Won’t Be Dropping Prices At The Lady Saddler

As a small business and a personal, handcrafted one at that, I cannot and will not justify participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It’s just not practical for me.

It’s not that I don’t want to give a little something back to my customers and followers but the simple reason is I just don’t earn enough to warrant the silly prices people expect to pay.

I work hard all year round to make sure that I produce the best quality products with the best of British materials that bring enough money in to pay my business outgoings, a wage (to pay my household bills) and hopefully a little bit extra to reinvest back into the business, however, this is not always possible.

Buy British; Buy Handcrafted!

So, if you are in the mood to spend some cash this year, why don’t you consider investing in a more personal and unique gift that is handcrafted by an artisan, as they would be far more appreciative for the income than that of a CEO’s of a huge international company that typically encourage these sales.

Buy British, Buy Local and Buy Handmade you will make at least one of us do a happy dance 🤣

Thank you, Clair x

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