Starting a project…

​When I feel the world is against me or I need to have some ‘me’ time I usually like to go horse riding but these last 4 weeks have been really tough and I don’t have the desire to do anything physical. 

I blame this feeling partly on the time of year; it’s still winter outside and the dark nights and grey/wet days are having an affect on me.

However, to relax most people sleep or walk their dogs but not me I have found that I relax best when I am being crafty. 

With my newly learnt saddler skills I have been playing with some leather recently by carving it, stamping it and painting it. It really does relax me yet challenges me all at the same time. 

My mind is known for being overactive and I’m currently struggling to sleep at night so through the day I’m trying to keep my mind challenged. I dont have the concentration span to read a book at the moment (I used to love reading books) so I’ve decided to put my saddler skills to good use by designing and making a bag for myself.  

I really enjoy creating. It keeps me chilled. I thought I’d document my progress for future review, so here goes for project number 1…

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  • Isn't She Crafty

    What a skill to have! These are just lovely, and I hope the process helps you unwind.
    I often struggle to sleep too – the cat does not like being fed at 4am and gets very annoyed when that’s the time I give up on bed – and sometimes find progressive relaxation beneficial, it’s easy to find a talk-through on t’interweb x

    • Clair

      Thank you for your comment. It’s amazing what you can do with leather. I always just looked at the object made from leather like a saddle. Never really thought about the process in which to make it. It’s really interesting and easy once you know how lol.
      I’ll have a look into progressive relaxation as you suggest. Anything is worth a try. Clair x

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