Olly in his frosty field

Moving Onto Pastures New

During the last couple of months I have been deliberating all our futures and it has resulted in one of us moving onto pastures new.

I have struggled of late to juggle family, work and business commitments whilst trying to spend time with Olly and give him what he needs (and deserves).

Unfortunately I cannot do it all without pushing myself into the ground and feeling pretty shitty about everything else around me.

The thing is I hate doing things by halves and that is exactly what I am doing at the moment.

I feel like I’m spreading myself too thin in business and family projects, whilst ‘trying’ to keep Olly ridden (which is a difficult task in itself) and do the daily chores that comes with looking after a horse too.

My family are not seeing much of me at the moment and my business is starting to become affected too.

All I seem to do lately is work hard and never actually relax much and my time with Olly is less because I am always too tired to ride or do much else with him.

Sadly, owning him feels like a chore more than a pleasure and that really shouldn’t be how horse ownership should feel.

Money is not abundant enough to do what I want with him, even to have a lesson once a fortnight is a luxury I just cannot afford and I am spending all my spare money (which isn’t much) on his livery, feed and last years vet bill still 🙁

I feel I’m not giving him what he deserves and I stress every time I need to spend more on him and that really shouldn’t be how I should feel.

Finding A Suitable Home

Initially I had decided to gift him back to a horse charity.

Only this time, I wanted one specifically for ex-racehorses who would have the appropriate clientele on their books.

However, whilst the paperwork was being processed, I was introduced to a lovely lady who has just recently lost 3 of her 6 horses due to old age and illness.

I visited the new abode where Olly will be moving to and it is a setup to die for with stables, grazing and a manage in the back garden of the lady’s house.

He will want for nothing and live out his days there, at just a stones throw away from where I live, so I can visit whenever I want (within reason of course).

Spoiling Olly

Olly will always be my boy but the lady will be his guardian now for the rest of his days and I cannot be more happy for them both.

I am sure they will be great for each other.

Another great thing about him moving is that he will move back into a herd of horses. He has spent the last two years on a competition yard where all the paddocks are individual.

This has been fine and Olly took to it like a duck to water but I am also happy to know that with him moving onto pastures new he will have some friends again to play with, as well as a new mommy who will spoil him rotten.

What Is Next For Me

What will I do with my time I hear you ask?

Well, once I have got used to not doing the twice daily journey to the stables each day, I plan to split the time with my children and the business; they both NEED me.

The youngest embarks on his Year 6 SATS this year and my eldest is choosing her options ready for Year 10 in September, so we have a busy year ahead.

I plan to dedicate more time planning and working on The Lady Saddler so that I can build it up enough to eventually allow me to leave the part time day job, and I also plan to be more homely.

In that I mean I want to make my house a home. We have lived here for the last 10 years, and I feel I have deserted it somewhat.

I want to make our garden more desirable to sit out in and I want to start growing more fruit and veg so we can be a little more self sufficient.

I also want to be able to sit down with my husband more and enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine together rather than be passing ships which is what we seem to do more of these days.

So, that’s it for now, I will post an update on Olly after I have seen him again soon, until then, take care. Clair xx

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