Why I’ve gone back to an office job

Today was my first day back in an office as an ‘Employee’.

New Job InterviewThe Last Corporate Job

It’s been almost 17 months since I left my last corporate job and although that was the best thing I’ve done in years it was a little sad and I realised working alone at home is really quite lonely.

Need To Pay My Bills

If I’m terribly honest my little business The Lady Saddler has grown over these last few months and I am finally seeing some income alongside the outgoings on my accounts spreadsheet BUT it is still not enough to keep me afloat with the business outgoings AND pay my half of the family bills.

I’ve kind of been winging it these last few months and somehow something has always come in that pays the next outstanding bill but I don’t want to continue living like that, cap in hand so to speak.

Part-time Job Sought

So, I have been on the lookout for a little part-time job that will provide a steady income, yet still, give me the flexibility to work and grow my business.

It’s been hard, as these type of jobs are few and far between but alas I was shared an advert on Facebook by a friend for a part-time administrative assistant and BINGO, the rest is history!

Over Qualified

If you were to look at my CV now, you would see that I am more than qualified and probably over experienced for such a position, but that’s not important to me as long as I love what I do and they are happy with me.

The money is less than what I am qualified for but that’s not always what is important too, in my case, it was flexibility and part-time hours that were most important.

Actually getting a job within a company that knows about my own growing company, and not have to lie about it, has been such a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Small Business

The small business I’m working for is a small, yet growing, electrical firm in a village not far from my own. It was set up by two guys who are now the Directors and they employ and subcontract a handful of other Electricians.

Up until now, the Directors have managed their own administration with the assistance of a Book-keeper for their finances but because they have plans to grow the business more over the next 12 months they thought it was time to get assistance with their administrative duties.


Office Administration

So, I am tasked to manage the Directors diaries, set up new office processes and filing systems, undertake their general administration as well as assist the Book-keeper with the finances.

It’s a varied role and one that I can develop into my own and with any luck, I will be able to assist the Directors to grow their Administrative office by training and supervising any future office staff.

The Lady Saddler

So, although my time is going to be split between The Lady Saddler and the part-time job, I am still very much looking forward to growing my own range of bridles and equestrian-themed bags and accessories.

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