Where did April go?

Hi everyone, it has been approximately a month since I last posted anything on here.

Not that I have had nothing to say, I have just found it easier to write my daily goings on on my Facebook page. Have you liked the page yet? If you want to keep up to date a little more often than this blog then like it and set the notifications to ‘all’ and you will then be informed of any updates as and when they happen.

The one thing I can’t get my head around is that we are just 3 days away from May. Like how did THAT happen? I don’t seem to have registered the month of April at all, I have been so busy in the workshop that each week seems to have amalgamated into one and suddenly the month of May is already upon us.

On the plus side the nights are drawing out and the weather is starting to get warmer, although I am not liking this constant rain we keep having.


Another bit of news is that my mother and step father have moved in with us following the sale of their pub in Warwickshire and whilst they find something else they have taken advantage of staying with us. It is great having them around more often and we can kind of catch up again before they leave for their next adventure.


Olly and I have still not yet been out for a ride. It’s been far too wet for lunging and getting on him in the small paddock, which is what I want to do before we go out on hacks, so we have done more bonding and worked on both of his anxieties – separation and stable anxiety.

His separation anxiety has improved a tremendous amount; he is fine being taken away from his field buddies and his stable anxiety has improved somewhat too. He doesn’t kick the door half as much now as he used to and will only really do it if he sees one of the other horses leave the stable block before him.


Finally, another BIG change that has happened to Olly and I is that Eddie the grey horse has had to be put onto a small paddock (instead of box rest) as he has suffered with cracks in his hooves for a while now and one particular one has recently split right up to his coronet band. He has had his hoof seen by a vet and a new farrier has treated him and with the addition of a shoe now in situ hopefully his hoof will start to grow back and stabilise.  In the meantime Olly was going to be without a field buddy especially since Toffee the Shetland had moved to restricted grazing, so he has been introduced to two other Thoroughbreds that are also living on the farm and have now moved into the field with him. All seems well and everyone is getting along swimmingly. I shall do a separate post to introduce his new friends to you.



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