Week 6 of Olly’s Issues

Week 6 covers Day 36 (Sunday 18th February) to Day 42 (Saturday 24th February):-

It’s half term week and the children are off school. I’ve still had to work and like most parents who also have to work are probably more busier than when the kids are at school, so most of the week apart from Tuesday we have been so busy that we have quickly fed and watered and checked the horses and then run.

Olly and I.jpg

On Tuesday however, I did get some time to myself so I went upto the farm and brought Olly in from the field, he ate his treat meal whilst I gave him a full body groom. Once he finished his feed he even started on his haynet which was rare. So we locked ourselves in the stable and I let him meander around whilst I sat on a bale of straw. He was fine for a while then he attempted to kick the door once so I shouted ‘NO’ and he stopped. I treated him with a parsnip slice.

Olly Week 6

At that point we left the stable and on the way back to the field we did our stop and walk exercises and he did them perfectly. [Another positive step forward].

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