1yr anniversary

Full Time Self Employed Anniversary

1yr anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

This time last year I officially left my day job; I blogged about it here.

Who would have thought back then that I am a much more relaxed person now; mentally in a good place and physically fitter than I’ve been in a long time?

There were times this year when I did wonder if I had done the right thing.

Some months have been financially better than others but we’ve got through it.

Now that we have sorted the family finances out, and swapped from the old Working Family Tax benefit to the new Universal Credit benefit, we have been able to access some wonderful support from the Job Centre.

Gone have the days when the Job Centre was just for signing on or looking for a job.

During this last year, I have made a saddle, a bridle, a couple of bags, equine neck straps, equine lead reins, dog collars, diamante spur straps, keyrings, bracelet, lots of belts and I’ve repaired a multitude of leather items also.

I’ve received self employment advice, free workshop training and support from a 1:1 work coach whilst I put a business plan together.

I’ve now been accepted onto a 12-week free business mentoring scheme with the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, which I hope will help me to push the business forward during the next 12 months.

I look forward to a busy festive period and then it will be full steam ahead planning for the new year.

I’d love it for you to join me on the journey; there is a newsletter you can join (below) so you never miss an update.

Clair x


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