No Cancer Lives Here…

Small win…today is a day that I will mark down in my history book, that I will be very thankful for my Guardian Angels and all the good karma I have received recently, because today was the momentous day I was reassured I did NOT have cervical cancer.

Two months ago I experienced symptoms that gave me cause for concern, enough to go and approach my doctor with. After a little talk with my doctor they decided to refer me to a specialist.

The appointment took 3 weeks to arrive and soon as it did I started to silently worry. Cervical cancer is known on my mother’s side of the family and most sorts of cancer is known on my father’s side, so I had to get it confirmed or eliminated one way or another. If the outcome was that I had it, then surely catching it early is much better than later.

So the worrying started. All things start to go through your mind and you go through a mixture of feelings and concerns from what happens if? …to… I’ll be fine!

When I went for the first appointment it was just a consultation with the specialist. I naively thought they would do something there and then which I was really nervous about but I only had to explain all my symptoms again. I was to wait for an appointment for a proceedure to take a colposcopy and endometrial biopsy.

I waited around 3 weeks for the procedure appointment and I was unsure what to expect. The only hospital procedure I had ever really had was having two babies.

Procedure day arrived; I was walked to a theatre and eventually asked to lie down on a bed, legs placed in stirrups and a light as big as big as a bicycle wheel was shone at my nether regions. Never in my life have i been so embarrased in all my life. The specialist was female as were her colleagues (thank God) but it didn’t make the experience feel any better.

After a local anaesthetic was given the biopsies were done. 5 minutes of discomfort was all I experienced but it was for a justifiable reason.

I was wheeled back to my hospital room, checked I was ok and told to rest, eat a sandwich, have a drunk and in an hour or so I could go home.

Four weeks later I would get the results. That day was today and I’m so happy to be able to tell you all that ‘NO cancer lives here!

Thank God and all my Guardian Angels for watching over me these last few weeks. Its been a roller coaster but tomorrow is a new day!


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