My Black Beauty Story

My Adaptation of Black Beauty…

Who would have thought that what I am about to tell you is really going to happen…

Remember the Thoroughbred I told you all about that I brought when I was 30 years old? Remember that I had to re-home him (and our pony, Jakey) due to a family financial crisis we found ourselves in?  Well if you haven’t read my blog on ‘Losing my boys’ then here it is.

So in May 2013, I had to make the heart breaking decision to re-home my beloved Thoroughbred Olly. After careful consideration I contacted the Blue Cross Animal Charity who agreed to take Olly off my hands after he fell ill the winter before which would create a problem in finding him a safe and suitable home to live in whilst he recuperated. It is common for TB’s to be sent to slaughter because they are broken, ill or purely misunderstood and I could not cope with this happening to my boy so  the Charity was my only hope.

The Blue Cross took him away on 22nd May 2013. It was THE worst day of my life since losing my dad to Cancer and subsequently was the catalyst for my mental health breakdown in December 2013.

I had to sign official documents to sign him away with a promise I would never be in touch with him again and I was not allowed any information of his future whereabouts. This in itself was heartbreaking. Not only was I going to lose him but I would never see or hear of him again. This was my sacrifice.

Last September I received a letter from Blue Cross stating that their policy was changing and that they were going to start signing over any horse or pony that had been or were going to be permanently placed with new loaners after 2 years of loaning them, thus making them theirs. I had a real problem accepting this as the only reason that guaranteed Olly’s safety in my mind was for him to stay under the supervision of the Blue Cross. I wrote an email of concern to the administration team who later called to reassure me that Olly would not be signed over if it was not my wish.

I told the lady on the phone that I had suffered depression since losing Olly and that I couldn’t continue to move forward with my mental health unless I knew he was safe and sound. She reminded me that she couldn’t tell me much about his whereabouts due to the contract I had signed but she reassured me that Olly was settled in a home finally and was being cared for and ridden regularly. THIS in itself was enough for me to move on mentally and be peaceful that it had been the right decision for him in the end.

I also told the lady at Blue Cross that if ever Olly was found to need a new home in the future that I would like to have first refusal being as we had sorted out our finances and would eventually be looking to have a horse again and if I could ever have him back my life would be complete again.

Well, ladies and gentleman this story takes on a whole new twist…

…Around 10 weeks ago I had a phone call from Jenny at Blue Cross informing me that Olly was returning to the centre due to his loaner no longer having the time for him. They had seen on Olly’s file that I had requested first refusal of having him back and asked if I still wanted him. Well if I am honest I wanted to break down there and then and scream ‘YES’ but somehow I just squeaked a small ‘yes’ out and that I’d have to talk to the family first but ultimately it was a YES!!!

The weeks that have followed have been both exciting and difficult for us as we chose not to publicly announce it to too many people until we knew it was going to happen for definite.

I have had to complete paperwork to apply as his new loaner as I signed him over to the Blue Cross they have to treat me like they treat anyone else who has one of their horses. I’ve had to visit the Rolleston site in Burton and ride their schoolmaster Shadow to prove my riding ability, I’ve had to find somewhere for him to live that Blue Cross are happy for Olly to be at then finally I have had to go and meet him. Meet him and ride him, my boy, my Olly!

So today was the day I never thought would happen; the day I thought was only ever going to be a dream; the day I would see, stroke and ride my boy again.


Here he is everyone; my boy, Olly!

Watch this space to see when he finally comes home.


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