Memoir #1

Meditation, Motivation and Gratitude

Memoir #1 – 11th October 2018:

Today has been a better day than yesterday and the day before that and actually one that has ended on a positive note.

During the last two days, I had what I call a ‘meltdown’.

I cannot say what sets me off because I don’t always know, but over the weekend the children have really tested our ability as parents.

Having a pre-teen girl and a 9 years old boy (thinking he’s pre-teen) is really difficult to manage at times. Particularly difficult when you are having a heated ‘discussion’ with them about their attitude and behaviour and they announce ‘we are too mean’ or ‘they hate living here’.

My meltdowns often consist of doing very little. I think too much; I want to sleep to forget about it all, and I don’t want to discuss it. The best remedy is to just leave me alone, until I come through the other side, and I do, now, but I haven’t always been able to.


Listen to Meditation MusicSo, last night I went to bed earlier than normal and played some relaxing sleep meditation music on my earphones. No matter whether it is 30 minutes long or 3 hours long, I never remember listening all the way through.

Often I wake myself up sometime later (or my husband will) to remove the earphones and turn the light off. It helps me to sleep quicker, more soundly and I wake the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.


When I woke up this morning I decided to listen to a motivational clip that hit home: End laziness!!! I realised at that moment that I had become lazy. I’ve become complacent, I’ve become weak minded because building a business is hard and I have procrastinated A LOT!

Amazingly after dropping the children off at school, I knew I had to do something to move forward. I went home, had breakfast and a coffee and I started to complete the Business Plan paperwork I was sent 4 days ago, ready to take to the workshop later today. Better late than never, but at least it was done.

I then decided to start publicising my memoirs from now on that I usually write in a journal. By doing this I believe it will discipline me and I may just inspire and teach others to do it too.

Being Grateful

And finally, something I have learnt about self-development and creating a stronger mindset is that we HAVE to be grateful. It’s easy to be grateful on good days, but people forget to be grateful for the bad days, and these are the days you NEED to be more grateful.

A friend I met through networking told me to write down three things I am grateful for every day. So today, I thought I’d start writing them here. I am grateful for the:

  1. motivational clip I watched this morning.
  2. children were well-behaved today.
  3. business planning workshop I attended today.

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