It’s My Birthday!!!

Hey! it’s my birthday today. 😄

I don’t normally shout about it publicly, but then again I don’t normally blog, so this year is full of first time events.

So, on this day of my 37th birthday I sit and reflect on where this year has gone…yeah, where did it go?

Well to start off with we lost my nan in January 2016. She was a very special lady in our lives and I think I only really appreciated her more towards the end of her life when she was in and out of hospital. I realised she wouldn’t be around forever and so made the conscious effort to visit her regularly, let her spend as much time with my children as possible, as she just loved her great grandchildren so so much and in return I tried to find out as much info about her childhood and growing up as she could remember. I love history and I loved hearing stories about the past but it took me till my nan was in her 80’s to ask her about the past, what an idiot I was, waiting till then, something I will regret for the rest of my life.

So following nan’s death I became sole contact for my uncle who had suffered a brain haemorrhage and a stroke 4 years earlier and now lives in a residential home and so as the only member of family interested and nearby I’ve taken on the role as his deputy. It’s been a trying time, finding out people who have hidden agendas and trying to accuse me of things that never would have happened. Call themselves a family friend to nan, they ought to be ashamed of themselves!

I finally joined the Saddlery Training Centre in May for my first lesson in bridle making; with just 3 x 5-day training sessions  under my belt I’ve managed to complete and pass my NVQ level 2 bridle making course quickly, very chuffed at this.

I’ve had a testing time in the day job recently too which was caused when they over reacted to a social media post they  were made aware of, that wasn’t at all as bad as they made out, in my opinion. I purely posted a question and asked for advise based on being a parent and when someone within the establishment tried to get me disciplined or sacked, and it didn’t quite go their way then I believe in karma and what goes around will come around, so their time will come!!!

In the meantime, I do my day job well, I keep myself to myself in that place but more excitedly I’ve joined a business mentoring scheme called Lady Lock Designs who have helped me launch ‘The Lady Saddler’ and now i am taking on repair work as well as preparing new items in readiness for Christmas gifts.

So there you have my year’s highlights in a nutshell. I’m sure I’ve missed loads off but that gives you an idea.

On a final note, I was working late tonight and upon my return I was greeted with birthday banners, party food, chocolate cake and a bottle of champagne. What a surprise! The last ‘party’ I  had was my 21st in 2001 with my parents so this was a really fab memory to cherish. I love my little family. 


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