I Learnt A New Skill

What do you do at the weekend when you have been at the office all week and juggled meal times, after school clubs and homework?

Well, whilst many of you are catching up on the housework or doing family packed activities, I am doing all those things as well as doing leather repairs, making accessories, designing new products, networking on social media and this weekend I learnt a new skill.

On Saturday, I travelled to Northampton to attend a Leather Carving workshop at Tandy Leather. This is a skill whereby you cut a design into the leather and emboss it using specially designed stamps. You then finish the leather by using a dye or an acrylic paint to emphasis the design on the leather.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and seemed to pick it up really easily. To be honest it didn’t feel  much different to the hand cutting paper art I have done for the last three years as a hobby business over at Hunter Cottage Art.

I have lots of plans for new products that I will launch in the new year, some of which will include carved and stamped leather. Personalisation is endless. So if you have something in mind for a commission then get in touch 🙂

The finished result:


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