Hilarious Behind the Scenes Image’s of the New Blog Cover Photo

I have wanted to change the main image of this blog and social media cover photo’s for a while now to depict what my blog Heels To Horses is all about.

My vision was to have my laptop and some of my personal effects displayed on a desk which shows the journey of being a corporate PA to a Saddler in just one image.

I asked the help of my mother and step father, being as they are staying with us at the moment, to put it all together and hold the light props. This is the end result.

Heels to Horses cover photo showing my journey of being a PA to a Saddler.

What do the items in the picture mean?

  1. Heeled shoes – these are what I wore to work most days. I was a corporate Personal Assistant to a Headteacher in a High School so the need to dress in business suits was paramount to my position. It was also very smart and it felt like I was getting ready to do business every day and the heels were just an added touch of feminism.
  2. Notepad, Pen and Stapler – were some of the tools of my office job. I always had an A5 pad with me as well as a manual diary, I’m old school and still love putting pen to paper.
  3. The Lady Saddler Business Card – my new business the new centre of my world.
  4. Saddler Tools – tools of my trade now. These are what I use daily to make bespoke saddlery and leather work.
  5. Examples of Leatherwork – these are what I have made as an example usually displayed on a stand. Potential customers love to feel and smell real leather and often make a decision on what they want after they have seen the quality for themselves.
  6. Brass Horses – If I could have got Olly into the picture I would have but my mom suggested using my brass horses that were given to me by my late grandmother. They are very special to me and bring back such lovely childhood memories.

So there you have it. A picture can mean a thousand words and that’s just what I was hoping to achieve here by showing my journey from wearing heels to becoming a saddler.

Hilarious Outtakes

This wasn’t the best part of the photo shoot though, I’m so glad I could share this moment with my parents before they jet off on their next adventure of living abroad, because their help to set up the photo shoot and helping to hold props means we have a couple of hilarious out takes for you all to see…they’re never right in a month of Sunday’s 🤣

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