I Made A Martingale!!!

Friday’s are always a bit of a rush, or at least it seems like it and today was no exception, with most of the trainee’s (except for me and one other girl) doing their assessments. It’s only technically a half day till 1pm and most of us want to finish what we’re doing or at least be at a point where we can carry on at home with no issues. I did finished the martingale I was making in time but didn’t have time to do another one in the allocated 4½ hours for the practical aspect of the Level 2 exam, plus you have to sit two written papers, so the next time I attend I will hopefully be completing my exam. I must remember to take a headcollar and a bridle to be assessed next time I go.
20160729_195824.jpgI did manage to finish my martingale though but didn’t take as many pictures as I did with the bridle so I don’t have much to show you.

I will complete another one at home soon to practice the skills I’ve learned this week as well as time myself to give me an idea of how long it will take to complete one from start to finish.

The road trip back home was again another long and tiring journey with congestion on the ever famous M5. I was welcomed home by the family followed by a roast dinner, courtesy of hubby, and chocolate chip muffins made by the children. Bless them, I think they missed me. I sure missed them this time.

I have also returned home to an insulated and boarded out shed with electricity and everything, thanks to my hubby. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful support from everyone. [thank you] Clair ximg-20160729-wa0000.jpg

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