I Made A Bridle!!!

Today was completion (of snaffle bridle with reins) day and what a fab job I did, even if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong it’s not going to win any prizes and it’s nothing like what the qualified saddlers produce but I am well and truly happy with my attempt. What do you think?

The final item that you have to make as part of this module is a running martingale. This item is what your assessed on during a 4½ hour practical assessment (as well as 2 written papers done separately) but obviously I am just learning all the techniques and the order in which to make this item in readiness for my actual exam.

I had hoped to do the exam tomorrow (Friday) but time is against me and I’ve not managed to finish the practice martingale yet and it’s only a half day session tomorrow, which is great because it should help me miss some of the traffic on the way home.

20160728_152133.jpg 20160728_160202.jpg

Anyway, so far I’ve managed to cut the straps of leather, that form the martingale to size, stained them, creased them and basically prepared all the components for stitching and putting together. It seems an easier item to make out of the three items (headcollar, snaffle bridle with reins and a martingale). I’ve timed myself making the martingale, albeit I’m stopping and starting the timer in between asking Mark, our Trainer, for help, but hopefully it will give me a good idea of how quickly I can complete one in the time allowed.

Anyway, the finger tips are less sore today but tomorrow is another day; thank God Mark has a box of plasters available at our disposal. I shall write my final update on the final day tomorrow from my own home, so until then, Goodnight. Clair x

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