Starting To Stitch…

Ever pricked your finger on a sewing needle whilst taking up the hem of a skirt or tacking in your child’s name labels into their schoolwear? Well multiply that by 100 and that is how my index finger feels right now.

Today has been the start of stitching the bridle together…

…OH MY LIFE it has only taken me nearly all day just to stitch in four billet platforms for the reins and cheek pieces and then the last hour was spent creating two running (moving) keepers for the cheek pieces and then preparing the buckles and the fixed keepers for the cheek pieces and reins ready for tomorrow’s session on stitching.

Hopefully with any luck I will be able to complete the browband and make a start on the cavesson noseband tomorrow. It truly never ceases to amaze me just how quickly a bridle can form from just a pile of straps over a matter of days. Someday soon (I hope) I will be able to cut, prepare, stitch and complete a bridle in just ONE day. Now that is a goal worth making.

Goodnight for now. Clair x


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