The Blog has a Makeover

For some time now I’ve been looking into changing the style of my blog.

I guess I never really liked it the last time I gave it a new look and I think I did it to impress others more than for myself which resulted in me not liking it 100%.

So I decided to change it again, after all, this blog is about ME and not them so I should choose a style that I am happy with which is why I took it back to what I feel is a more simple, fresh and classy looking style.

What do you think? Did my plan work?


Every time I’ve done an update I’ve taken a screenshot of the front page header, this is how Its developed since 2016.


In 2016 I set up and launched the blog with this look:


In 2017 I decided to change the style to this one:

Then I had a change of colour and image…


And finally this time around I changed it to this style:

Do you have a favourite one? I’m very please with this new look. I just need to improve on my photographing skills to get you guys some better images to look at. I’m a big beliver of everything in moderation, so watch this space.

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Hope you have a good day.

Clair x


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