5 Interesting Facts About Me

Ok, so I don’t have any weird or wonderful stories to tell you but here are 5 interesting facts that you may not have known about me…

I used to be a Freestyle Disco Dancer


Before I got into mud and muck with the horses I used to wear makeup and sparkles, danced barefoot and wore colourful lycra costumes.

I was a Hamster Breeder


My Grandparents owned a shop on our town’s high street and the shop next door was a pet store. Even as a child I was very savvy about earning money and ended us breeding hamsters and selling the babies to the pet store for some pocket money.

I’ve been on TV 


Now don’t get all excited, I was only about 8yrs old when the BBC came to my Primary School and chose five children to star alongside Stephanie Beecham on the French and Saunders show in 1988. I was dressed up like a mini Madonna and just had to stand there whilst the cameras rolled. The one thing I can clearly remember was looking at the camera’s and crew whilst filming and having jam roly poly and custard for pudding from the catering van. I’ve tried to get a link to the sketch but as yet Google is not finding it. I’ve requested a copy from the BBC but as usual, there is a process you have to go through to get it. This image is a still from the sketch showing Stephanie Beecham saying her lines.

I’m a fully qualified Beauty Therapist


When I left school, I travelled a little then went straight into administration work, but at 23yrs old, I decided I’d had enough of all that and wanted to train as a hairdresser. I couldn’t get onto the part-time hairdressing course because it was full so I went on to do the basic beauty course, strangely enough, I loved it so I went on to train in Level 2 and 3 techniques and then opened my own beauty studio up whilst I was on maternity leave with my son.

I’ve had four other businesses

So far, in my lifetime, other than The Lady Saddler, I have set up and run four other businesses: a dancewear company called Crystal Rivers Dancewear, an online Jewellery company called Parisaire Jewellery & Accessories, a Beauty Studio called Rivone Unisex Beauty Studio and then finally, an online handmade paper art business called Hunters Cottage Art, the later is still LIVE but I don’t do much with it these days and only really keep in touch with past customers.

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