Women's Business Club

Women’s Business Club

Women's Business Club

I have been attending the Women’s Business Club meeting on the third Wednesday of the month, for the last nine months.

Supports Women

The Women’s Business club supports women in business, be it employed or self-employed.

First Contact

I first got to know about the group via the support group on Facebook.

Being seven months into full-time self-employment my business has grown over this time; albeit a slow and at times a lonely process.

Struggling with a lack of confidence mindset has affected me personally in terms of suffering from anxiety. On a business level with workload or prioritising my needs for the business.

Previous issues, from an unpleasant experience at my last employment, has affected my confidence and I question my abilities constantly.

Group Leaders

The group leaders, Jordan Nell and Sabrina Kaur both took me under their wing and spoke to me at length about my business.

We discussed my personal struggles and what the group could support me with. They supported my dreams for the business and nurtured my self-esteem, and still do to this day.

Feeling Nervous

I can still remember my first meeting like it was yesterday.

Everyone was lovely, really welcoming and full of interest in my business (and everyone else’s).

I held it together and got through the meeting; It did turn out to be the one that would entice be back again and again.

The Venue

The venue, Novotel is lovely. Both the food and refreshments are excellent and plentiful.

It is easy to find (with a little help from the SatNav) and there is plenty of parking available on and off the site.

All the staff are friendly and welcoming too.


The meeting starts at 11.30am. While some are still arriving, we begin with informal chat whilst we get a drink and find a seat.

We then each have a 30-60 second slot to explain who we are and what our business is. There is no pressure to tell your life story here.

The next stage, Members Spotlight, is where a member of the group talks to everyone in more details about their business.

We then break for the two course lunch and an opportunity to get some air or a toilet break.

After lunch, a speaker talks to us about a certain subject related to self-development, training or other business subject.

The last section, the Wonderbra session, is where we ask for advice. The group will then ‘support’ and help ‘problem solve’ if necessary.

Pink Roses

After a delightful meeting, Jordan or Sabrina will offer us a pink rose flower to take home with us.

This is a lovely gesture.

Personally feel its a nice reminder of what took place during the meeting and that I am not alone, in this world of business building.

I am now a member of this group and I look forward to their meetings each month. I even book them into my diary, in advance, so I never have to miss one.


The membership fee that I pay equals to that of what you would expect to pay for a two-course meal with unlimited refreshments.

So, the way I see it is the membership to the group and all the support and guidance that I received is an added bonus.

Find Out More

Interested in finding out more about the group?

If so, then feel free to take a look at their website here, or message me directly if you have any questions on my experience of being a member; there is certainly something for everyone in this group.

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