Week 5 of Olly’s Issues

Week 5 covers Day 29 (Sunday 11th February) to Day 35 (Saturday 17th February):-

Sunday – I took hubby to show him where everything was so that he could feed the forthcoming week for me whilst I am away.

Monday – I was on route to Saddler Training so had to feed and run first thing on the frosty morning.

Tuesday – Apparently hubby had a game and a half getting Olly as Eddie’s owner wanted someone else to feed Eddie whilst I was away so instead of feeding them both at the same time hubby had to try and get Olly out of the field and feed him. Eddie was having none of it, saw an opportunity for an inexperienced horse handler and played Olly up. Sadly all Olly wanted to do was have his treat but alas Eddie won the battle so hubby had to resort to feeding half to Eddie and half to Olly. Thankfully Olly is only eating Graze-On and root vegetables at the moment so Eddie was in no danger of eating anything he shouldn’t. Tomorrow is another day.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Hubby managed to get a feed to Olly but with some issues with Eddie.

On Friday, Hubby forgot to feed Olly 😲🙈 Thank God he doesn’t have to have medication and is on a HUGE field of good grass 🙈

Saturday – I went to see my boy and got him out the field with a little resistance from Eddie. We walked to the tractor park and stood by our car as the family had come to see him too. He ate his food lovely whilst I took his rug off and checked him all over. He’s looking good…


This last photo was taken of Olly eating his treat meal whilst being held by my children. He could see and hear the others messing about in the field but he didnt move an inch (normally he’d be dancing in the spot wanting to get back to the field buddies but not today).

When he finished his food we did a turn or two in his stable and he was fine. Really good in fact. I just need to get him to trust his stable now.

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