Week 10 of Olly’s Update

Week 10 covers Day 65 to Day 71 (Sun 18th Mar – Sat 24th Mar):-

On Sunday we had snow again…bloody weather!

Eddie’s owner fed them first thing (she lives onsite so it helps) and I went up later in the afternoon to check on them and give them some more hay. They weren’t as miserable as they had been in the morning but they did have icicles running off their rugs which was weird to see. The rug’s are doing their job though and keeping the boys nice and warm and dry.


On Monday it was a quick feed and run and my children came with me to help which was nice.


On Tuesday we had the first day of sunshine so I took their rugs off for a few hours. It was expected to drop to freezing temperatures overnight so I went back up later in the afternoon to put their rugs back on.

Wednesday and Thursday the weather was much nicer all day and night not dropping below 5 degrees so their rugs were taken off and left off.

Friday and Saturday was a busy day of work for me so I had to feed and run during these days.

Both boys are doing really well in their weight and despite their Thoroughbred genes they have a healthy covering of fat. With spring grass imminent and the high sugars this poses we have decidedd to leave their rugs off now so they can afford to lose some ‘weight’ so not to become laminitic. They are currently on a field approximately 5/6 acres and it is extremely good grass even through winter so they are not going to starve, however, we may have to move them to a smaller field in the not so distant future so they have restricted grazing.

We shall see how they go and I shall take advise from those who are in the know. Every day is a school day for me with horses as I never profess to know everything.

I’m hoping to start getting Olly out and do some lunging or long lining with him shortly as I would like to get back on him asap. With Eddie we will have to wait until we get the go ahead from the farrier/owner as his hooves are still cracked.

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