Wearing More Than One Hat…

The time has come to spill the beans on an additional path of my journey I am about to start treading.

Most of you will be familiar with this blog through my transition from a corporate office job to a qualified Saddler. Ultimately it still is but since my journey started in 2015 so much has happened and although I am still on track to qualify as a saddler I have unintentionally added another string to my bow which I feel will give me a wider variety of experiences as well as expand on my self development and networking circles.

Have you heard of the phrase “Which hat will you be wearing?” If not then it is probably because you have just the one job or interests. This phrase generally refers to someone who performs a multitude of tasks or roles either within employment, self employment, volunteering or hobbies.

I’ve never been one to settle for an easy life. Even growing up I never had just one job, in fact at one point I had three in two different towns, and I also liken myself as a bit of an entrepreneur having set up and run businesses since I was 18yrs old, usually part time alongside a full time steady job.

I thrive on challenge, determination and the desire to be successful. I’ve always wanted to be a ‘someone’. A ‘someone’ who people can look up to or a ‘someone’ who shares experiences and mentor others. Not in a big headed way but in a positive way, like giving something back to the universe as a thank you for giving me the lifestyle, health, family and friends I have.

So, you are probably sat on the edge of your seat wondering what on earth am I about to tell you and why the term ‘wearing more than one hat’ is a good fit for me. Well, as you know I’m already working full time as a Personal Assistant in the Corporate world; training as a saddler with The Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury; trying to be a good wife to Lyndon and a versatile mom to my 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son.

As you can imagine my time is already organised around the family, friends, my training, my day job and building The Lady Saddler business, can I possibly take anything else on? The truth is, I probably shouldn’t or at least not long term, but I am so determined to become an independent woman who controls her own destiny and so this is just another stepping stone towards my future, OUR future!

Being a Personal Assistant already and always on the look out for new challenges I stumbled across the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ (VA) one evening. A VA is basically a personal assistant who is self employed working from home, providing a professional service in administrative, technical, or creative support to businesses of any size.

Having a passion already for both animals and the British countryside I have been researching what small and medium businesses in the equine and rural sectors require when outsourcing their administration or social media requirements so that I can tailor make service packages that allow me to support them in their business on a day to day or week to week basis whilst they work with their customers to grow their profit margin.

Research is ongoing and I am currently enjoying connecting with some wonderful new people all over the world via LinkedIn and other social media platforms and this enables me to find out about their industry and what they would outsource should they become in a position to do so. Pop on over to my new business page The Rural VA and say hi, it will be great to hear from you.


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