Level 3 saddle seat uncovered

Training Week 1 – Saddle Making Level 3

This week I am at The Saddlery Training Centre undertaking a week’s training for my Saddle Making Level 3 qualification.

I’ve called it Week 1 but in actual fact it’s probably more of a week 2 because my Level 2 Saddle Making exam, in August 2018, was based around preparing, webbing up and covering the seat of my Level 3 saddle tree in leather.

So, I’ve done some of the work.

I Had To Defer

It’s been 5 months since I last did any training which is unusual, because normally they are planned 2/3 months apart, but I’ve had to defer my training a few times due to lack of funds.

New Accommodation

This time round I have also swapped accommodation. The B&B I used to stay at was really lovely, but although priced accordingly, it’s been one of the reasons why my training has had to be deferred on several occassions due to the cost added on top of everything else.

Plus, the original owners of the B&B have now retired and I miss them.

If I’m totally honest I only continued to stay there because I wanted to be loyal to them for looking after me so well, the truth being, it never really felt like a B&B when I stayed, it was like visiting family, they made me feel so welcome and went over and beyond their duty as B&B owners…they became true friends.

Don’t misunderstand me though, the new owners are lovely. Well, the lady is; I’ve never met her husband. It just didn’t feel right going there anymore and the feeling to be loyal was no longer there, so I have buddied up with two other Saddlers who are from Holland and are on the same week of training as me.

Small and cosy bedroom

My accommodation this time round is a static caravan at Coombe Park, Salisbury. Its actually a 3 bedroom one and although the bedrooms are small and well, cosy, I really like it.

View from our caravan

There is a lovely living space and central heating and only £37.50 per night for the three of us sharing, is actually a bargain.

What Have I Done So Far?

So, being as it’s the beginning of the week I don’t have much to tell you in terms of the level 3 saddle making training process but I will write another blog at the end of the week giving you a round up of the week.

But, basically today I have stripped down my saddle tree that I used for my level 2 saddle making exam and replaced the seat leather due to it not being competition standard.

Then I cut the sweat flaps and skirts out of Sedgwick’s leather and prepared them for stitching.

Saddle Flaps and Skirts

I still have to write up the Level 2 saddle making training days too, but those notes are in a different notebook.

So, until next time, enjoy looking at the pictures I’ve posted.

Speak soon, Clair x

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