Five Reasons Why I Run A Monthly Equine Tack Sales…

I have organised equine tack sales in a local village hall, on and off, for the last couple of years.

If you are not familiar with what a tack sale is, it is like an indoor car boot or jumble sale where the majority of ‘sellers’ are selling their unwanted horse and/or riding equipment. Sometimes a small business will showcase what they sell but generally it is second-hand items for sale.

Some people may think I’m crazy adding more work to my already busy schedule but to be honest, I totally love it and they are great for business.

The five main reasons why I set these sales up are:

1) Local venue – we don’t seem to have a second hand tack sale available in the local area which means many of us have to resort to buying online or going across border to another county’s tack sale often resulting in a 20/25 mile round trip.

2) Community spirit. I love the interaction with ‘horsey’ people, it’s kind of networking but in a much more relaxed and fun way.

3) Good for business. As the local saddler in the area it’s obviously great for business as I can give out business cards, answer any questions and sell leatherwork too 🙂

4) Raise money for Blue Cross. Another reason why I set the sale up was so I can raise money for the Blue Cross Horse Charity who had my Olly off me 6 yrs ago when i was struggling and he had some issues that prevented selling him and then consequently I had him back off them last year. I will forever be grateful to them for letting that happen so I want to give something back to them 🙂

5) Family night out. Although we dont get to spend much time as a complete family it’s just great that we can work the evening as a family. I tend to arrange the table bookings, and take the door entrance money whilst selling my wares, my husband works the kitchen offering hot and cold refreshments and both our children take it in turns helping alongside us either on the door or in the kitchen. Everyone loves it 🙂

So if you have a small business and you want to network, get yourself known, and sell your product/service to the horsey communities, if your local area is lacking in a second hand tack sale my advice is to find a church hall or something similar and run a tack sale. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

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