She Means Business


Years ago I would read lots of fictional or bibliography style books but nowadays I just read books I can learn from, mainly business or social media books and recently I brought a cracking book.

I believe that if I keep learning and not become complacent then I will take action that will result in progress and in turn rewrite my own destiny.

For a little while now I have had my eye on Carrie Green’s ‘She Means Business’ book.

I have only just started it to be honest but it is very insightful and gives her story which some of it you can’t help but relate to it. I’ve only reached page 19 at the moment but already I am feeling motivated to make a change and ‘take action’ 🙂

I’ll post the blog updates here for you all to see and if you are interested you will see this person and business empire grow from strength to strength.

So as a reminder of what this first section of the book is asking me to do I will note down the tasks:

  • Start a new Journal, write the title ‘The Entrepreneurial Adventure of Clair RB, July 2017.
  • Write first entry and state where you are in work life right now.
  • Write about the kind of life you want to live.
  • Make a commitment that I am going to do all I can to follow my heart and show up for my ideas and dreams by playing BIG!

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