To do lists


Procrastination is when you purposely avoid doing a task that usually has to be done by a certain time limit.

I’m terrible for it these days but I’m pretty sure I’ve not always done it.

Linking to Anxiety

In fact, I’m fairly sure that my procrastinating is the cause or the reason for my anxieties I suffer.

Since suffering a mental breakdown in 2013 [if you’re curious about this episode in my life, you can read all about that here], I often overthink things.

This then affects my self-esteem, my confidence and then my ability to be rational. Eventually, I stop what I’m doing and then do nothing.

Eat That Frog

Eat that frog

Recently, I got talking in a networking group and they recommended I should read a book called ‘Eat That Frog!’ by Brian Tracy; so, I ordered the book!

I am still reading the book, but so far I have read the first few chapters which advise you to make a list of EVERYTHING you have got to do.

Then you break that list down and prioritise what needs doing when and decide on whether a task needs doing or not.

I have always written ‘To Do’ lists!

Concentrate on the Business

I’ve never broken them down further though so this was a new concept for me.

It did help me, so far, to clarify things and get things rolling more.

After much thought, I decided to concentrate on pushing forward with my business, The Lady Saddler.

ltimately when it is a success, it is going to open up so many opportunities for me and my family.

Naturally it has affected the time I should be spending with my horse [see Olly’s recent update], but my main concern should be making sure we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies for now.

It won’t matter to Olly if he was to become a field ornament which is why I arranged for someone else to help me out riding him.

To do lists

My To-Do List…

I got to work making the usual ‘To Do’ list which became an A4 piece of paper and then split it into three columns: General, Business and Home.

In the General section, I tend to write things like: read a book, paint my nails, groom the dogs, post a parcel etc.

In the Business section, I tend to write what needs doing to push the business forward, such as: do a repair that has come in, make up an order that has been booked in, create a marketing plan, do my accounts, network via Linkedin more etc.

Then in the Home section, I tend to write things like: decorating a particular room, spring clean a room, do the garden, plant the flower seeds etc.


Once the list is complete with absolutely EVERYTHING I can think of I then write a weekly/daily to-do list.

By taking the tasks from this bigger list and breaking them down further by putting a specific deadline to them, they then have to be completed.

It’s no miracle but it sure helps and gets you thinking of what you have to do and helps you to break it down and put into more manageable pieces.

You can’t do everything, I know as women we try, but we are not superwomen, even though everyone wants us to be, including ourselves.

Do you ever procrastinate?

If you do, I’d love to hear how you get through it and if there are any other books worth reading.

Until next time…Clair x

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