It’s All In The Preparation…


Today has been a really good day.

Firstly, I have to mention the breakfast at the B&B is to die for.

Fruit juices, grapefruits, prunes, peaches, cereals, full English breakfast if you want it.

A vegetarian option, if preferred, or there are beans on toast, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, or kippers…lovely!

My new buddy very kindly offered to drive us both to the Training Centre today, so off we set just before 9am.

When we got there we settled in and resumed where we finished off yesterday evening.

Yesterday, I had cut all the pieces to size except for the throat piece, so once I had stitched the jowls and buckle chapes onto their fittings, dyed the edges and buffed to a shine.

I started to prepare the leather strap that was to become the throat piece of the headcollar.

I cut it to length, shaped the ends, edge shaved it, dyed it and then skived it down (removed some of the thickness of the leather).

It has felt like I’ve not done much today because there isn’t a headcollar hanging on the wall yet, but that’s because I am doing it slowly and accurately so that the finished item will be perfect enough to be eligible to submit for assessment.

I’ve had positive remarks from Mark, our tutor.

He says my stitching isn’t bad to say I’ve not really done much stitching since last August and I seem to be doing everything else right that he advises me so my confidence is growing hour upon hour.

I really can make a go of this! I can feel this is going to be the start of a wonderful new career for me and I just cannot wait to learn more and more. 🙂

See you same time, same place tomorrow. Goodnight, Clair x

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