New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, Plans or Dreams?

Image result for diary image new year resolutionsI don’t know about you but I stopped making New Year Resolution’s when I was a teenager. I mean really, who has kept to the ‘I must lose weight’ statement anyway?

For years I never made a bold statement or even make any plans for the future. I lived for the moment and that was fine by me at that time.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wrote in a diary or journal about what is happening in my life at that given moment: who I love; who I don’t love; what events I’ve been to; and any juicy gossip I’ve heard.

Nowadays I tend to write my journal as often as I can usually starting the book with a list of goals/plans/dreams for that forthcoming year. I review the goals/plans/dreams at the start of each month, I add new ones if I want to and remove others if I want to. There is no right and wrong and only myself to be accountable. 🙂

Another thing I tend to do in my journal is each day I write down what has happened that day. Usually starting with the negative aspect of the day to get it off my chest. I will then note a positive aspect of the day. This can be something really random like ‘how pretty the leaves on the tree’s are’ or ‘the car started ok today’ or ‘my daughter was notably kind to her brother’. The positives don’t necessary have to be about me but they are apart of me and my life in someway and always a good way to end a journal entry.

Being as I normally only tell myself in my journal about my goals for the forthcoming year I thought I should spice it up a little and be more accountable for my actions this year and because I’ve started this blog I thought it would be nice to make a record of them here. Then when the end of the year comes round I can look back and reflect on them. You never know something wonderful may happen this year. 😀

Here are my goals for 2017:

1) I will launch a handmade leather bag collection that will appeal to equestrians.

2) I will design and make a new made to measure leather bridle range.

3) I will pass my Level 3 exam in Bridle Making.

4) I will pass my Level 2 exam in Saddle Making.

5) I will get back in the saddle and start riding on a weekly basis.

6) I will work towards becoming fully self employed.

7) I will grow my blogging and social media communities.

8) I will regain my self belief, self confidence and strength.

So there you have them. Let me know in the comments box below if YOU have any big plans for this year.

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