My Memoirs


Today is the day I’ve decided to:

  • start something a little different to the norm.
  • be the person I believe I have been destined to be.
  • forget about what everyone else thinks and to be the best person I can be.

Your Thoughts?

You may call it a pipe dream, a wake-up call, call it whatever you want but this is my place and I will do what ‘I’ want to do.

I have chosen to have this little place on MY blog for MY memoirs; my tears, my demons, my achievements and my happy thoughts.

There is so much no one knows about me, so much I keep to myself, and for what? To still be miserable and sad inside, behind closed doors? Well, I’ll tell you something now, this ain’t happening anymore!

Writing My Memoirs

Writing my memoirs is what I believe keeps me sane, it helps to put some perspective on life, it helps me to documents what went wrong, what went right, who upset me, who made me happy, what my thoughts are and what I’m grateful for.

I have chosen from this day forward to present my memories to you because I feel I need to.

I feel there are people out there that need to hear what I have to say, there are people out there who I am sure need to read my troubles and achievements to understand they’re not alone, but the main reason I’m doing this is because I will become a someone, I shall inspire, I shall lead and no more will I be the one hiding behind closed doors worrying what everyone else will think.

We have a gift, it’s called life… let’s live it!

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