Just a week away until Bridle making starts

Just a Week Away

With just a week away until I head south to Salisbury to start my first week of saddler training I thought I’d set up this blog to document my training journey.

Initially, I don’t anticipate anyone else other than my friends and family to read it.

However, it will be interesting to read it again in a few years time to remind us of the highs and lows I went through to retrain and eventually change career.

Already Made A Bridle

After reading the City and Guilds booklet, I believe that I will be making a stable head collar that will be assessed for the Level 2 Bridle making exam.

I have already made a full-sized bridle, a Shetland bridle, a belt, a rolled dog collar and a plaited bracelet and brow band before.

Last year I attended two weeks of training workshops at Saddlers Den in Southport, so this head collar should be relatively easy to do once I get into it.

Week One

I have paid for my training course and booked my accommodation for four nights, so I am ready to go.

If you want to follow this journey then I suggest you follow it chronologically, starting with Week 1.

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