Juggling Life with new tools

Juggling Life…

Well I’ve truly had a hectic couple of weeks since the last time I wrote. Not only have I had to contend with life in general, looking after my family and being the only one bringing in a full time wage at the moment (which is stressful) I’ve also had to deal with added issues involving my extended family and people we thought were family friends. However since the death of my nan in January these people have shown their true colours. I am disgusted. I tell you one thing for sure, you really don’t need enemies if family friends can try to do one over you. Needless to say blood is thicker than water and all is back to normal.

Anyway in June it was looking like we as a family of four were going to have to live off £40 per week for the foreseeable future because the Tax Credits Agency had replied back to us with a ‘NO’ for any financial help since Lyndon had lost his job. Luckily Lyndon didn’t rest and made a complaint stating without any financial help we were being left almost destitute. The Tax Credits agency looked at our claim again and this time with this year’s expected income in mind instead of last year’s and thankfully we are now going to receive a monthly income from them. It’s not much but it will definitely help.

Then finally to top the whole month off and increase stress levels further, we had sold our family home two weeks into March and the solicitors have taken until 30th June to complete the sale. There were numerous incompetences on their part and they would blame the buyers for the delay. When we spoke to the buyers (when they came to the house to measure up etc) we told them everything and it seemed they had been told the same story but blaming us, the sellers. The solicitors have now sent us both (as they were acting on the buyers behalf also) an invoice with ‘extras’ on that niether of us have not agreed to when we took them on on a fixed package deal. So, ladies and gentlemen it seems that you have to be very careful with conveyancing solicitors as they’ll have you believe anything they want you to. Safe to say we are NOT ever looking to buy or sell a house again.

So to add to my stress I have done absolutely no practical leather work at all. I’m disappointed with myself really because I wanted to complete my cavesson bridle before going back to my training course in three weeks time but it’s just not been possible and is therefore still a bag of straps in my cupboard lol. 🤓

Needless to say I have managed to make some progress theoretically. I’ve decided now to complete all my Bridle Making levels first (i.e. City & Guilds Level 2 and 3) first instead of doing all the level 2 courses (Bridle, Saddle and Harness making) then level 3 as this would give me fewer skills and knowledge than if I concentrated on a specific area first. At least by completing my Bridle Making level 2 & 3 this year I will have enough skills to be able to start a bridle making and repair service business.

In order to set up a business or in fact complete my leatherwork for assessment at home, I needed a skiving machine which skives (or shaves) the leather to whatever thickness you set it to. Thankfully my mom has borrowed me the money which was a relief as I managed to get the machine on sale rather than the normal price, and I was able to get a few more tools with the money mum borrowed me so im pretty much one happy lady for sure.

Other exciting news I have is that after applying to a private local charity for a grant to help with training and/or accommodation fees back in May 2016, I wasn’t expecting anything, but if I did receive something I thought it may have been £100 or so just to get on with, but amazingly I have been awarded with £400.This in itself with pay for most of my October training fee (£570) which will help especially with Lyndon being out of work and our family income being very low. I am going to continue to look for further grants and bursaries as this is going to be essential to help me get through the next 12 months of training whilst Lyndon retrains for a new job. It’s stressful at the moment but it will be so worth it when I have a bridle being worn by a Horse of the Year show competitor…that’s one of my goals anyway lol 🙂

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