It’s Official…I Passed!

20161207_233804.jpgSo today was the day I received my certificate for the Level 2 Diploma in Saddlery (Bridle) element which I undertook the exam for in October.

To my surprise there was only one comment made by the Assessor giving me constructive feedback on how to improve on my practical work; the martingale of all things :). After three attempts at making the blooming thing you’d think I’d have perfected it but it was a viable comment and I certainly will remember it. My written papers were also good, passing them with 85% and 88% respectively.

I would like to improve on these exam paper marks by aiming for 90+% in future so I have some studying to do. My practical pieces from now on will also have to be made both ‘fit for purpose’ and of a much higher quality of stitching and finishing to represent the standard of Level 3 work, so the bar has been well and truly raised and now all I have to do is reach it. How exciting!

Until the next time, goodnight x





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