How Many Pieces in a Double Bridle?

Starting Level 3 Bridle Making practical #2 – A Double Bridle

Recently I attended week two of my City & Guilds Level 3 Bridle Making training at the Saddlery Training Centre.

During this week I learnt what pieces to cut out and how to make a double bridle.

Bridle pieces

OMG! Like how many pieces are there to a double bridle? Have you even ever realised? Try counting how many individual pieces there are to a standard bridle including keepers, billet platforms and buckle turns, then double it lol.

This is the last but one practical piece to complete before I undertake my exam in July and all week all I seemed to have done was cutt and prepare the leather without anything having anything to show for it. However, as day 4 (Thursday) came round I could start to see with all the pieces prepared, stitch marked and ready to finish that it was starting to look like components of a bridle. Time was against me and I still had the laced reins to make so I tacked everything in place that needed stitching together and took it home to stitch.

Laced reins

The best part of making the double bridle for me was the laced reins. They are so simple yet effective and although I have rarely ridden with laced reins I certainly will endeavour to try them out again as soon as I sort myself a new horse to ride.

After what seemed like an exhausting week I took the bridle home prepared to stitch but I’m embarrassed to admit that it is still sitting in my workshop waiting it’s final stage and with the prospect of having to stitch 12 stitches to an inch of leather I am sure to need magnifying glasses as my new specs by the time I’m finished lol.


Anyway, here are a few pictures I took during my training week:

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