Ponies playing with gym ball

Trying out a gym ball

Have you ever offered up a chance for your horse to play with a gym ball?

No?! Then do it! You must!

It is the most delightful event to watch if your ponies have never seen one before.

With Olly’s imminent arrival I have started to purchase a couple of items of tack and equipment that we will need or I want.


I was told that Olly’s interest in a ménage was limited.

So, rather than just ‘school’ him under saddle, I thought it would be quite nice to play with him (and the others) with a gym ball.

Have you ever seen or been involved in an agility workshop, training day or show?

If not its certainly an up and coming discipline to keep an eye out for both in hand and under saddle and the fun you can have with your horse and fellow agility players is priceless.

Eddie & Toffee

Here is an action shot of Eddie (TB) and his field companion Toffee (Shetland) getting to grips with the gym ball 🙂

They were both VERY sceptical at first.

Snorting and prancing around the ball but eventually Toffee became much more confident and started nudging the ball around, even went as far as to leaning on it and almost rolling with it lmao 🤣🙈 such fun!

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