Stewarding at a Fun Ride makes me want to join in.

Today I have been helping out at Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre by being one of their Steward’s for the day during the fun ride.

Clair at Bissell Wood

It’s the second time I’ve done this particular event; once before in the snow and sleet, and today it was cold and damp.

The actual working side of things is dead easy. I have to make sure horse and rider’s cross the road safely and I have to check their number’s off a list to make sure riders are reaching my check off point.

The best part about the whole day is meeting the stunning horses and their riders. From big hunters to dainty ponies and everything in between, it sure is a sight to behold.

Everytime I see a dark bay Thoroughbred it makes me want to be the rider (on Olly) for the day instead of a Steward, but I suppose everything comes in moderation.

Firstly, I need to get back onboard Olly and start doing some work with him 🙂

If anyone is interested in attending the next Bissell Wood fun ride in July then email or alternatively go to their facebook page here and register your interest.

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