First Week Comes To An End.

20160526_080844.jpgToday has been a day of mixed emotions.

I was a little sad to be leaving the B&B where John and Ronnie have taken good care of me. I had the amazing full English breakfast for the last time (until the next time I go down lol 🙂 ), and after checking out I got a hug from Ronnie with her goodbye. They are truly a lovely couple and I will miss our little conversations.


It was my final day spent in the workshop with Mark. I prepared all the straps that I had cut for my snaffle bridle yesterday by marking the skiving, billet platforms and returns as well as finishing off by edging the leather. From around lunchtime slowly one by one my team mates started to dwindled off home. I finally left Salisbury at 13.45pm.

There was horrendous traffic on the way back and what should have took me 3 hours maximum, like on the way down on Monday, it took me 5 hours on the way back today. It was shocking!

Being as it was the hubby’s birthday we ended up going out for a pub meal and a few drinks with our best friends and their two children. It was so good to get back home and get back to friends and family but I won’t lie, I will truly miss Salisbury and it’s people I met.

Looking forward to the next training session in July 2016.

I’m home with the family and all I can think of is sleep so I’m off to bed for some  well earned sleep in my own bed. I’ll speak again soon. Clair x

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