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Making A Stirrup Keyring

One of the most successful accessories I have made to date which I sell via the Lady Saddler website shop is the Stirrup Keyring. Using the best of British bridle leather, known in the industry as Sedgewicks Leather I traditionally cut and prepare the strips of leather by hand with my saddler tools, many of

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Saddler Training: The What, The Where and The How!

Since I started blogging (in 2016), about my journey to becoming a Saddler, I have been asked on many occasions how I found the saddler training; so I thought I’d write a post about it. Firstly, I did what most people must do…I searched Google! I don’t know about you but since the Internet has

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Saddle Making Training – Week 1

Back in November (2017) I attended another training session at the Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury…to embark upon the Level 2 Saddle Making training.
According to the City and Guilds Level 2 Saddlery specification I am required to make a pony saddle using a wooden saddle tree. The seat must be pigskin or hide, the skirts and flaps must be solid with knee rolls and gussets being optional. The panel should be a Continental or Saumur type and the filling should be wool only.

Here is my 16.5″ pony saddle wooden tree that I was welcomed with…

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SMS Saddlery Competition

On Monday last week (5th February ’18), my husband and I travelled down to London to attend the Society of Master Saddlers National Saddlery Competition evening presentation as earlier this year I had submitted an entry form. It is one of the most anticipated events of a Saddler’s diary especially if they have entered one

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Level 3 Bridle Making…The Final Week (Part 2)

What an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable week I’ve had. So Friday was meant to be, or so I thought, my assessment day but there was no Assessor due in so I was just training and practising doing my practical piece to the clock. I certainly wasn’t as nervous as the last assessment I did against

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Level 3 Bridle Making…the final week (Part 1)

Hi Everyone, I am sat on the bed in my guest room at Websters B&B in Salisbury on day 2 of my week long training and assessment for the Level 3 Bridle Making qualification. On Monday I started the journey to Salisbury which usually takes me 2½ hours (120 miles) mainly down the M5. I

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How Many Pieces in a Double Bridle?

Recently I attended week two of my City & Guilds Level 3 Bridle Making training at the Saddlery Training Centre. During this week I learnt what pieces to cut out and how to make a double bridle. OMG! Like how many pieces are there to a double bridle? Have you even ever realised? Try counting

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I LOVE eBay…

I’m generally not a big shopaholic and I don’t spend money (if I ever have any) at designer outlets or on mail order. In fact my husband colours my hair at home, I shop in vintage shops or Ebay and when I want my own nails or beauty treatments doing I just do them myself,

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Starting a project…

​When I feel the world is against me or I need to have some ‘me’ time I usually like to go horse riding but these last 4 weeks have been really tough and I don’t have the desire to do anything physical.  I blame this feeling partly on the time of year; it’s still winter

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Starting Level 3 in Bridle Making…

A couple of weeks ago I attended my fourth week of training at The Saddlery Training Centre. Following my successful completion of Level 2 Bridle Making, I was now to go straight onto Level 3 (in Bridle Making). So for my first practical piece I was tasked with making a stallion in-hand bridle with a

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