Spring Craft Fair 2018

Sunday’s are usually a rest day for me and a time to catch up with the family before the working week starts again but today I had a table at a craft fair not too far from home.

A year or so ago I joined a free networking group called Networking Mummies (Wolverhampton) or NMW for short. Initially I met them online via their Facebook group but eventually when my day job allowed it I attended a couple of their meetings that take place at a local hotel. The group is mainly made up of women who have children and a business (although there are some men involved too).


The networking group arrange seasonal events for the members to take advantage of where they can sell their wares or showcase their business service whichever is appropriate for them. The Spring Fair that I attended today at Bantock Park, Wolverhampton was just another one of those events but my first for this year and with this group.


I didn’t take much in the way of stock to sell because I wasn’t really intending to sell anything especially as I prefer to make bespoke items but I had some belts and dog collar’s left over from last year that are still for sale so I took them with me to display what I can do. I then made a couple of new key rings and bracelets, just for something else to display and I took some leather and tools with me to showcase what I do also.


It was a slightly damp day outside but inside we all had a good time. Footfall of people was constant with a lovely mix of young, old, parents and grandparents coming in and taking business cards and/or chatting to stall holders.

I managed to chat to a few people who remembered the olden days when saddler’s and leather work was much more popular in Walsall than it is now and I chatted to others who would really like something specific made either for themselves, their pet or as a gift, so hopefully I can fulfil their desires.

I have a few shows and fairs booked throughout the year so if ever you are out and about and you see the Lady Saddler logo be sure to pop by and say hello 🙂

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