Product Overview – Handmade Bridle Leather Belts

With this month’s January Sale taking place, I thought it would be nice to feature some product overview’s during this month, so you get more of an insight into what I make.

Starting Out

First Belt

When I first set out on this journey of becoming a Saddler, one of the first items I ever learnt to make from leather was a belt.

They are one of the most technically easiest items to make, once you have learnt the basics of cutting leather, preparing it and then stitching it together with a fancy buckle.

British Raw Materials

Sedgwick Leather

All the belts that I make now are made from the best of British leather, usually, Sedgwick’s which is finished in Walsall, just 40 minutes from where I am based.

I have used a variety of buckles in the past but I now prefer to use the top quality solid brass or nickel buckles that are produced by another British company, again located in Walsall, called Abbey England.

Coupled together, the rich smell of real leather and the strong and durable feel of the buckles, in itself give you a sense of quality and a knowing that each belt is well made and long lasting.

Age-Old Skills

If the raw materials themselves do not fill you with the confidence of a well-made product, then you have to consider that each belt is cut, finished and stitched by hand, using age-old traditional saddler skills that have guaranteed the life cycle of 1000’s of items of saddlery in the past.

This just proves that the future of handmade leatherwork will stand the test of time, giving you an item to enjoy now and a family heirloom to cherish in the future.

Grab A Piece Of History

Lady Saddler logo_FIN_WH_BL

If you would like a piece of Lady Saddler history, these are the only belts I have remaining that are original and can be personalised to your requirements, if you ask upon checkin out.

As my skills grow and my technique refines all future belts will be priced accordingly, so these belts are a complete bargain for a short time only, so grab yours now!

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