My Little Workshop

Last year my lovely husband managed to get his hands on a second hand shed, big enough for me to have as a saddler workshop in the back garden. It was never going to be the Ritz of workshops but it certainly will provide me with the bench space I need to get on and make my exam pieces as well as carry out any bespoke orders or repairs via The Lady Saddler.

Preparing the corner of the patio ready for the shed.
The children help with the ground works

We have quite a large patio out the back of the cottage so for ease we demolished the old pond (that had been drained since we moved in and made into a rockery bed), and erected the shed (workshop) right into the corner. It was a bit of a family affair getting it all up and running.

The children even helped us dig the rockery bed out and flatten the ground so we could set the shed up. My hubby then draught proofed it and put the electric in whilst I was away at a training course.

Laying the floor of the shed down



Hubby also built a workbench from off cuts of wooden fence posts that were redundant in the garden. He only had to buy a new piece of MDF to make the top and a lower shelf. My workbench is probably the best thing my husband has ever made me and I would not swap it for toffee 🙂

I have found that it is pretty cold in the workshop during the winter months but nothing a small heater can’t fix. The summer months will be fab though and I am already spending more time in there than before Christmas.

I seriously cannot wait to be able to see the children playing outside whilst I work from the comfort of my workshop.

Happy Days 🙂 x

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  1. It looks fantastic! I might convert my shed into a horsey treasure trove!

    1. Thank you Amy. It’s great to have everything in one place and not stored away in boxes and having to get them out or pack them away again when the family is home ☺

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