Making my first proper sale…

Christmas 2016 was the first real opportunity for me to make and sell some leather products since launching my business, The Lady Saddler in September. Due to still working full time, being a mum and a wife as well as attend saddler training every three months meant I already had a lot to do so I didn’t want to over do it and get bogged down even more. 

As well as some leather repair work I took on in October and November I decided to start making made to measure belts and magic braided bracelets from the very best ‘Sedgewicks’ leather.

The belts were all hand stitched with chrome or a brass buckle and was available in either black or brown leather. 

The braided bracelets were made from black or brown leather and closed with a brass, chrome or black press studs.

At first I was nervous to send the items out but after receiving some really good reviews my confidence began to grow.
Now I have a bag design I’d like to explore further. I think it will be an ideal riding accessory as well as being stylish enough for the everyday equestrian, so something for you to look out for.

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