I LOVE eBay…

I’m generally not a big shopaholic and I don’t spend money (if I ever have any) at designer outlets or on mail order. In fact my husband colours my hair at home, I shop in vintage shops or Ebay and when I want my own nails or beauty treatments doing I just do them myself, as I trained as a beautician over a decade ago 😲 (something else you didn’t know about me lol 😂)

Recently I have become slightly addicted to buying saddler tools off eBay. The problem I have found as a trainee saddler is that some of the best tool manufacturers for saddler tools have either closed down or diversified and are not what they used to be and new tools especially those from China are not the best. Yes they do the job but they are not brilliant and so if I can get my hands on any old Dixons tool then I’m in luck.

By chance I came across a bulk load of old saddler tools recently that someone was selling due to them retiring. Luckily for me my recent tax return credit arrived which I then used to pay for them.

Here is my new haul of tools.

I’ve been collecting tools for over 12 months now and I still haven’t got everything I will need but I’ll get there in the end; I’m determined lol 🤓.

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