Taking a break

Taking An Impromptu Break

Taking an impromptu break a month before Christmas is probably not the best decision I have made for some time.

However, at the very moment I made the decision I didn’t really know or care what to do for the best because if I was a juggler, I was quickly dropping my balls!!!

Self Employed v Employed

I love being self employed and the flexibility it offers but I hate the insecurity over money it brings too.

You will have read in a previous post that I started a little office job, in order to have some guaranteed income to help pay my half of the family bills.

This has helped tremendously but the stress of trying to do EVERYTHING all the time is pulling me down and now starting to affect my health.

Don’t get me wrong, the business is growing year on year but not yet earning enough to cover bills AND business outgoings, and with my husband being self employed too it puts extra pressure on us.

I recognise the stress signs early and I got straight onto the case of fixing our predicament; there really is no time to wallow in what if’s, so taking the break now rather than after burn out is a positive step.

Loaning Olly

I have also decided to loan Olly out.

I love my boy, don’t get me wrong but I am struggling to physically fit everything in to look after him and find time to ride also.

Olly is going to stay where he is for now as that is where he is most settled. He is in a routine and happy but I truly believe he will be better off with someone who can keep his riding up regularly.

Family Time

Becoming self employed provides the flexibility for me to be available for the children as and when I need to be without the stress of asking permission from an employer if I can go to their assemblies or appointments.

If I don’t stop and take this break now then before I know it the children will be all grown up and I will have missed some of the best years of their lives.

As a nation, we are so busy wanting to do everything and be successful at everything that we actually forget what is going on around us NOW and is actually THE most important time in our lives.

Social Media

Taking a break from all social media activity with The Lady Saddler has also helped… ALOT!

I cannot tell you how much weight off my shoulders has been lifted by taking this break.

Now I understand more than ever why we have to make time in our diaries to have a day or a week off to help recharge the batteries and take stock of where we are now and where you want to be in the future.

Super woman I am not (I know I try to be) but I am not and I cannot and will not give myself a hernia trying to be.


In the women of our family, we have heart disease and heart attack’s as hereditary diseases from the age of 40.

Now that I have hit this age bracket I am more aware of keeping healthy and as stress free as possible than ever.

Recently I have needed to visit the doctor on more than one occasion so this too has spurred me to make changes.

Taking stock of what I have and what I want for the future just means I have to take life a little slower until I get myself sorted.

Leather Work

I still design in my head and at present, I am finishing off some orders and repairs at a much slower pace than originally planned.

When I do get back to playing with leather, you will be the first to know.

Until then, I hope you all enjoy the Christmas build up…speak soon Clair x

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