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Getting back on Olly in Spring

Hey, thanks for popping by and taking the time to get to know about me.

Generally I describe myself as a wife, mother, Solopreneur and an amateur blogger but in reality, I am so much more.

I am…

I am a creative; an ‘arty-farty’ kind of person but not one with natural ability.

My mind is full of endless ideas and I have the passion to see them through but unlike some creative’s I have to endure blood, sweat and tears to get stuff done as it doesn’t always come naturally to me.

I’m a bit of an organiser; probably steering a little too much towards the OCD level.

I write lists to keep on top of things and then usually I do a list for ‘the’ list. I know, I know, I have a problem lol 🤣


I am passionate for anything old from antiques, old buildings and British history.

To say I failed miserably in History at school and now revel in learning about it is an understatement.

I’m a bit of a Royalist and a Traditionalist at heart and although I can be very opinionated, especially if I believe in something, most of the time I will sit on the fence and see the whole picture.

Home and Family

I live in a beautiful 19th century country cottage on the outskirts of a quiet village in South Staffordshire with my husband, our two children, three dogs and two cats.

I also own a horse called Olly, who is an exracehorse, whom I adore and lives at a yard just up the road from our cottage. 

May 2016

When I started this blog back in May 2016 I was in full-time employment as a PA to a Headteacher in a High School.

The majority of my five and half years there had been happy and enjoyable but then all that changed and I became very unhappy very quickly.

So, rather than wallow in self pity, I decided to change my career path.

An Equestrienne

I have been an equestrienne most of my life and although I have not always owned my own horse, I have spent years riding other people’s horses as well as worked at a riding school and a dressage yard.

When I decided to change my career I knew I wanted it to be within the equestrian industry but I wasn’t sure in the beginning in what capacity.

It was following a conversation at the stables with some friends, over coffee, that I was given the idea of becoming a saddler.

So, I got to work researching it and the rest they say is history.

The Blog

Originally, this blog was set up to document my journey in training to become a saddler, my new chosen career.

However, since it started the blog has evolved into a journal of everything about me, including the launch of my business, The Lady Saddler, and the incredible journey of getting my horse, Olly, back in September 2017. [Read more about this here]

So, with all that said and done, I do hope I haven’t bored you senseless.

Still Keen to Know More?

If you are still keen to know more then feel free to go on over to the home page and enjoy reading my more recent posts.

If you want to start right at the beginning then I suggest you start here.

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Until next time, Clair x

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