Why I abandoned my Social Media Accounts.

I did something a little bit extraordinary last week, which would either liberate you or put you into turmoil; I abandoned the social media accounts for Heels To Horses.

Why did I start the social media accounts?

Pretty much since the day I launched the Heels To Horses blog site in May 2016, I have posted via social media as a way to grow the followers to my blog site, and to help reach as many people as possible who may be interested in my journey.

This was done via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Problem:

As well as these social media accounts I also started social media accounts for my business, The Lady Saddler.

When I set the business up, I set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that I could differentiate the content.

However. because the content I write pretty much overlaps the blog and the business it was becoming more and more challenging to write different content that had the same message.

I read online that duplicated content was not good for the SEO of websites and social media accounts, so I wanted to eliminate this.

My Blog

My blog was originally set up to document my journey of training to become a qualified saddler all whilst working full time as a corporate PA and having a small family.

So much has happened since then, one of which is I finally managed to escape the rat race of an employed job.

Blogging Style

There was a time, not so long ago, when I thought I had to fit into a particular ‘style’ of blogging which I see all too often: those that review or recommend products, those that write lengthy factual posts about a particular subject and those that want to show you their lifestyle.

As lovely as these are, I’m just not into all THAT!

I’m plain and straight to the point.

I just want to document my journey of becoming a saddler and starting and running a business without putting any heirs or graces on it, because I can assure you there is nothing simple and graceful about having a business.

There are many, many positive aspects of having your own business but there are also soooo many negatives too. Much of which I’ll delve into in another post.


Regardless of all that I still very much want to be an independent, self-employed saddler, I LOVE being creative and I LOVE being able to make something in leather, that someone else will love and keep for many years to come.

I would like to think that something I have made will end up in the National Leather Museum in 100 years or more for the next generation’s to see and appreciate what is and what will be timeless pieces.

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