2019 Goals

Hey, how was your New Year celebration?

My Mother and Step Father are currently staying at a local Caravan Park, because since selling their pub they have not yet decided where to live, here in UK or Europe, so they bought an RV and are travelling around until they make their decision.

There was a New Year party taking place at the Caravan Park and we were invited. All we had to do was take our own drink and a plate of something for the buffet.

We were all set to go but then as it got later into the evening, it seemed to get colder and colder.

The children were in their fluffy PJs and hubby and I just couldn’t bring ourselves to getting ready to go out so we decided to stay in.

At least we didn’t need to choose who was the allocated driver for the night and we were both able to enjoy an alcoholic drink (or two) during the night.

Maybe next year we shall venture out for New Years eve.

Reviewing 2018

So, since writing my review of 2018 in my Happy New Year blog last week, I have spent this last week thinking about my goals for 2019.

I’ve come a long way since the first blog I posted and even since the last Happy New Year blog back in January 2018.

Making Future Goals

So, making these future goals are just another stepping stone to the success I have always dreamed of.

For the third year of business I propose the following goals:

  • Further, increase my social media presence
  • Build on the brand ‘The Lady Saddler’
  • Launch a range of bag collections
  • Complete Level 3 Saddle Making qualification
  • Enter National Saddler and Craft Competitions
  • Produce a Traditional and Anatomical range of LS Bridles
  • Make a clear profit and invest in:
    • a new car
    • new premises
    • put Olly on part-livery and ride more

Are You With Me?

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