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Month: January 2018

Week 2 of Olly’s Issues…

We were on route to The British Equestrian Trade Association (Beta) International event at the NEC, Birmingham today for the majority of the day…so I had to quickly make up Olly and Eddie’s buckets and feed them in the field first thing in the morning which was all good with no dramas. It was pretty miserable outside with non stop fine rain; Olly was soaked through his rug as the reproof was obviously no longer working…I remember being told in the past to never take a soaked through wet rug off as it could cause a chill to the horse, however upon asking for help on social media about a rug I was inundated with advice and assistance. Apparently it CAN cause a chill to leave the wet rug on and so it is best to take it off …I was unable to remove the rug that day due to being on route to the event…So he had to wait until the next day…

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An anxious Olly returns home to me

Olly Has Issues…

It’s become apparent that Olly has formed two different anxiety issues over time which when you think about it may well be interlinked.

Firstly, he seems anxious when he is seperated from his field buddies, Toffee and Eddie and secondly, he has become highly anxious when put into a stable.

When I brought Olly back in 2011 he didn’t seem to show any signs of any anxiety issues, but that’s not to say they weren’t there. He was afterall only 4 yrs old and what I could gather from his passport and his racing card, that he had been passed from pillar to post across both Europe and within the UK. Eventually he was finally sold off the racetrack just 4 months prior to me meeting him…

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My First Official Mention Online…

My first official mention online…has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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What a year 2017 has ended up being.

Who would have thought that this time last year I was signed off work for what was to be a three month break. Depression and anxiety had crept back into the forefront of my mind following six months of true unhappiness in the day job. I had broken up for the festive holidays a few

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